jueves, 30 de junio de 2011


Blackberry BlackBerry ® Curve ™ 8520
  Phone fits your lifestyle, light, elegant and comfortable to use.
   Includes e-mail, Internet and instant messaging, camera: 2 megapíxelescon 5x digital zoom, and hands-free battery included.
  Price ... $ 600.00.
Offer ....$ 420.00.

Sony High Definition Camcorder HDR-CX115 - Black

Handycam HDR-CX160! The HDR-CX160. The perfect size camcorder also offers you a way of recording 1920 x 1080p at 50 frames per second in its internal flash memory of 16 GB. This Full HD video mode, optical.
Sony puts Full HD video in the palm of your hand ...
Price ... $ 699.00.

MP3 Player

mp3 plays, videos, photos and good design - Storage Capacity (1) 4GB
 Color Display  Plays pictures, great sound
 Includes headphones MDR-E804
 FM tuner with 30 memories
 The rechargeable lithium ion
 USB Input (Hi-Speed​​) through WM-PORT

Price ... $ 200,00.


DIGITAL MICROWAVE OVEN CONVECTION OVEN MICROWAVE 25 L INCREDIBLE convection. HEAT Jvm1660sb Spacemaker Microwave General Electric. Espand a good price
Price.......$ 188.00

Offer.....$ 120,00 

What are you Doing?

1. -They are comindo fruit salad
2. -She speaks by phone
3. -ListeShening to music
4. -He's waving


What's this?
-It's a photographic camera

What's this?
-It's a laptop


What's this?

-It's a pen

What's this?

-It's a
book of English

What’s the perfect gift

What’s the perfect gift forYorbelis?
A  new Telefone

-So it can communicate with your loved

What's my perfect gift?
-My favorite gift is a Car
-Because it is essential to get anywher

 What's the perfect gift for my mother?
-A new plasma TV.
-Because she likes-check your plasma TV soap operas

My Room

In my room there are: Bed, Closet, Dresser, Chair, Table, Radio, Laptop, Carpet, Coat, Desk, Luggage

My favorite room is in my laptop because I can chat on Facebook, Twitter, etc ...
My room is comfortable and grade